farm industry infection control mats

AntiBak Disinfection Mats

Biosecurity Mats - for use with AntiBak Powder

Instant biosecurity that’s efficient and easy to use!

AntiBak Disinfectant Mats offer an easy and efficient way to disinfect personnel’s footwear and vehicles and administer foot care products to cattle or sheep.

Constructed from thick, tough absorbent foam with a removable waterproof sleeve, AntiBak Disinfectant Mats are available in 3 sizes, suitable for any application.

The practical and portable solution for biosecurity check points.  

Ideal for use with Bio Technics' High Level Disinfectant, AntiBak Powder.

 MAT action

7 reasons to choose...

Fast, portable disinfection 

For footwear, animals, cars, van & lorries

Thick tough foam inner

Withstands heavy lorries and provides good tyre cover

Removable water-proof sleeve

Retains disinfectant and allows thorough cleaning


3 sizes, many configurations


Efficient use of solution − uses 75% less disinfectant than conventional baths

High absorbency

Holds up to 60 litres of disinfectant

Proven effectiveness

Used by DEFRA, the National Trust and by major dairy farmers during 2001 & 2007 Foot-and-Mouth outbreaks

How to use

Set up:

  • Place black absorbent pad inside blue waterproof sleeve.
  • Place mat where required on level surface.
  • Sleeves can be trimmed by up to 8cm to give additional width if necessary.
  • Pre-mix AntiBak Powder disinfectant to required strength.
  • Pour AntiBak Powder solution gently over black absorbent pad.
  • Fill pad until it is saturated and liquid appears when you lightly put your foot on the pad, leave for 5 minutes and top up.


  • Top up as required and replenish with AntiBak Powder solution daily (other disinfectants may vary).
  • Fully clean mat every week for best results.

After use:

  • After use dispose of contents safely
  • Remove black pad from sleeve, hose thoroughly and allow to dry.
  • Store when not in use in a dry area.
  • The effectiveness of your treatment will diminish if mat is left dirty.


* These instructions are for use with AntiBak Powder; instructions for use with other disinfectants may vary.

Where to use

  • An essential component of any biosecurity program, AntiBak Disinfectant Mats can be used anywhere footwear or livestock require disinfection prior to proceeding. 
  • AntiBak Disinfectant Mats are perfect for use at dairies, agricultural farms, poultry hatcheries, fish hatcheries, zoos, sea life centers, veterinary practices and laboratories.  

Vehicle configuration

For light vans & cars

Using 2 Vehicle Mats (47 x 230 x 4cm)

MAT config 1

  • Foam width per tyre: 25cm Length: 230cm
  • Sleeves can be trimmed by up to 8cm for additional width.
  • Configuration hold 60 - 80 Litres of disinfectant solution.
  • Vehicles to pass over mats at maximum speed 5mph.


For lorries, vans & cars

Using 4 Large Mats (90 x 180 x 4cm)

MAT config 2

  • Foam width per tyre: 70cm Length: 360cm
  • Sleeves can be trimmed by up to 10cm for additional width.
  • Configuration hold 180 - 240 Litres of disinfectant solution.
  • Vehicles to pass over mats at maximum speed 5mph.

Mat sizes

Small mat


MAT H600px


Order code



60 x 90 x 4cm


10-15 Litres


Large mat


MAT large


Order code



90 x 180 x 4cm


45-60 Litres


Vehicle mat


MAT vehicle


Order code



230 x 47 x 4cm


30-40 Litres


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