Bio Technics Ltd Cleaning solutions without the use of hazardous chemicals


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Sales sheets

  • AntiBak Residual: 7 Day Residual Disinfectant for Difficult to Access Areas - download
  • AntiBak Tablets: Front & Back of House Disinfectant - download
  • Bio Blocks: Biological Urinal Blocks - download
  • Bio Boost: Biological Treatment for Septic Tanks - download
  • Bio Clean: Biological Multi Surface Cleaner - download
  • Bio Drain Fresh: Biological Drain Line Odour Remover - download
  • Bio ONA: Biological Odour Neutralising Agent - download
  • Bio Scale Remover: Limescale Remover - download
  • Bio TCD: Biological Toilet Cleaner - download
  • Bio Treat: Biological Portable Toilet Additive - download
  • Endurocide® Desktop: Alcohol Free Surface Sanitising Spray - download
  • Endurocide® Detergent Wipes: General Purpose Detergent Wipes - download
  • Enduro Hand Sanitiser: Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser - download
  • Enduro Sanitising Wipes: Alcohol Free Skin & Surface Wipes - download
  • Gel Clean: Antimicrobial Detergent Floor Cleaner - download
  • Grease Control Liquid: Daily Biological Treatment of Fat Traps (Larger Operations) - download
  • Grease Control Pillows: Biological Treatment of Fat Traps (Smaller Operations) - download
  • QFD: Quat-Free One Step Cleaner & Disinfectant - download
  • OT8: Oil Stain Remover - download
  • Sobo D: Versatile Alkaline Degreaser - download