How do Biological Cleaning products work?

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Along with biodegradable surfactants and wetting agents that make cleaning products work successfully, our biological cleaning products contain specially selected bacteria and enzymes.

These biological ingredients naturally digest organic matter,  meaning that stains, dirt and odours are not simply hidden, covered up or moved: they are removed − totally.

Our products not only clean surfaces on contact but also keep working long after being applied. When used regularly, a powerful biological action is established that, over time, will help reduce the amount of products required: the more you use them, the less you need to use!

How do they work?

Each of our products contains a blend of specially selected bacteria and enzymes which digest organic material, including faecal matter, urine, fats, oils and greases.

Organic matter is made primarily from carbon and hydrogen: the bacteria in our products "eats" organic matter by using oxygen to break it down into harmless CO2 and water.

As long as a food source, ie dirt, is present, the bacteria will keep on working - and continue to do so until it’s all gone.

For biological products to work most effectively, they need:

  • Correct bacteria
  • Correct moisture levels
  • Correct temperature
  • Organic matter

Biological action

As bathrooms, toilets and kitchens are usually warm (correct temperature), relatively humid (correct moisture levels) and prone to getting dirty (organic matter), the conditions are ideal for optimum biological performance - and you can be assured that each of our products has the correct choice of bacteria for their specific application.

Further benefits

Not only are our biological products effective and long lasting, they have other benefits over traditional cleaning products:

User friendly

Our products are free from hazardous ingredients such as bleach, caustics, acids, pDCB and formaldehyde, and most require no hazard labelling. The bacteria used in our products are safe to use and are classified by the HSE as biological agent Hazard Group 1: "unlikely to cause human disease."

  User friendly

Environmentally friendly

Containing natural and biodegradable ingredients, our products will naturally degrade in the environment - and the fact they digest organic matter means they reduce the amount of waste being discharged into the sewer.

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Septic tank friendly

Our products work in harmony with the biological action of septic tanks and will help reduce odours, blockages and emptying cycles.

  Septic tank friendly

Whether for domestic or professional use, we have a solution for all your cleaning needs with products designed for use in toilets, drains, portable toilets, grease traps, septic tanks and on surfaces.  Why not try them today?

For further information or to request samples, please contact us.

Note: For best results, do not use biological products with bleach, strong acids, caustic / alkaline based products or disinfectants. These products will neutralise the bacteria and affect their performance.